How to take survey and Win £1,000 at Primark

Are you a Primark’s regular customer? If yes, the company is looking for people like you to give your honest opinion about your shopping experience. After doing your shopping, you are requested to go to Customer Experience Survey and speak your heart out. The company is not looking for positive feedback; if you didn’t enjoy your shopping experience, that’s exactly what they want to find out. Once you complete the survey, you stand a chance to enter the monthly sweepstake, and you might be the lucky winner of £1,000 in cash.

About Primark

Primark is Clothing and Accessories Company founded in 1969 by Arthur Ryan and was headquartered in Dublin, Ireland. The first Primark was opened on Mary Street, Dublin, where it stands up to date. Within four years, Primark managed to open four more stores in Dublin, and from there, it started expanding internationally and was until 1973 that a Primark store was opened in England. Today, the company boasts 350 stores in eleven countries.

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The expansion of the company can be based on great services and products they offer. As a matter of fact, they offer cute clothes at a cheap price which has led to massive success. And given that beautiful clothes improve the outward appearance of different people, thousands of customers walk through their doors day in day out, and the company is interested in knowing what repulses and delights their customers. It gives an opportunity for their customers to express how their shopping experience is in order to understand how to serve them better.

Why should Primark value your feedback?

Primark understands that customer is the most important person in any business. They provide a customer satisfaction survey where customers give their feedback about their shopping experience at Primark. It is recommendable for the customers to remain true when giving their feedback. Negative feedback has consequences because the management can make important decisions or even fire some employees in order to make their customers happy.

In case of positive feedback, the management is pleased and looks forward to creating a similar positive experience in other stores. For instance, if you went there shopping and you loved their discount offer, and you mention it in the survey, the management will implement the same offer at other stores to ensure that all their customers are impressed. Every single experience at Primark is important to the company, and you should feel free to let them know how you feel about their products and services.

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At Primark, they take you like their family member, and your opinion is respected. They use your opinion to bring the required changes and ensure that you enjoy your next shopping experience. The Primark survey contains different questions which you are expected to answer honestly. These questions are related to your shopping experience at Primark, and you’re likely to be asked about product availability, staff, item variety, service, store maintenance, quality of goods, and any other thing that may affect the reputation of the company.

The questions are brief, and you should give brief answers, and in return for your time and effort, you get a chance to win Primark Sweepstakes worth £1,000. Wow! £1,000 is too much to get for free and therefore, ensure you participate in the survey the next time you shop at Primark, and who knows, £1,000 could be coming your way.

TellPrimark Survey Rules

First things first, you need to familiarize yourself with the tellprimark survey rules to know whether you qualify to participate or not. Here are the rules;

  • You must be 18 years and above or your country’s legal age
  • You must be a legal resident of the Republic of Ireland, the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, Republic of Korea, Canada, the District of Columbia, Honduras, and Puerto Rico
  • Only one survey per month is allowed
  • You must have a copy of the Primark purchase receipt, which can only be used once
  • You must not be an employee at Primark or blood related to any Primark employee.

What you need

  • A laptop, PC, Smartphone, or a tablet and internet connection
  • You must understand English
  • You can redeem the code during your next visit to Primark
  • 13 digit survey code

Step by step guide to joining Tell Primark Survey Sweepstakes

If you qualify to participate in the survey, here are the steps you need to follow;

Step 1 – Go to the TellPrimark Survey site

If your device is already connected to the internet, go to, where you’ll be able to complete the survey.

Step 2 – Fill out TellPrimark Survey Code

During your shopping, the receipt you receive has the 13 survey codes at the bottom. Check them out and fill correctly. Confirm the codes and hit ‘enter.’

Step 3 – Give your ratings on TellPrimark survey questions

After heating enter on step two, you will be redirected to the survey questions page. This is where you give your ratings based on your experience at Primark store, and please, be genuine.

Step 4 – Leave Primark Feedback

After giving out your ratings, you can go ahead and leave your feedback. Did you enjoy your shopping experience at Primark or not? Specify your reasons here. In other words, this is where you leave your suggestions, complaints, and other comments related to Primark’s shopping experience.

Step 5 – Take part in TellPrimark Sweepstakes

You are asked whether you’d want to join Primark’s monthly sweepstakes draw. Of course, you can’t afford to miss the chance to win the sweepstakes prize and, therefore, hit ‘yes.’ You’ll then be required to provide personal contact information such as your name, address, valid email address, phone number, gender, age. If the lucky star falls on you and you become the Primark survey winner, the official team will use your contact information to give you the good news.

Mail-in entry method

Primark also gives an opportunity to its customers to participate in the offline survey. You need a 3 x 5 inches plain paper where you write your shopping experience at Primark store. If possible, be precise and give examples. For instance, you may write your opinion about store appearances, clothing quality, cashier friendliness, and any problem you encountered. Provide your contact information such as phone number, email address, your name, and date of birth. Then go to the post office nearest to you and send your offline review to the Emphatic base in any of the addresses below;

· 511 Avenues of the Americas, #40, New York, NY, 10011

· One Victoria Square, Birmingham, UK B11DB

· 2121 Argentina Rd., Suite 200, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, L5N 2X4

For further information about the company, the products, or customer satisfaction survey, use the following useful links;

· Tell Primark Guest Satisfaction Survey Official Link –

· Primark Customer Experience Survey Official Link –

For further queries, contact them via email or phone call 0118 960 6300, and the company’s down to earth staff will be there to answer you.

Bottom line

Primark is a clothing company that’s looking forward to ensuring that you don’t only get cheap and cute clothes, but you also get a chance to win prizes. With Primark Customer Satisfaction Survey, you are given an opportunity to give your feedback based on your shopping experience at Primark.

Your feedback means a lot to the Primark management and gives them an opportunity to serve you better. After taking your few minutes to complete the survey, you get a chance to enter the sweepstake and win a prize of £1,000. If you are a loyal customer at any Primark store, don’t let this chance pass you by; participate in the survey, and you could be the next winner of their amazing prizes.

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